Rochelle Botello

  A b o u t
    - C V
  W o r k
  P r e s s
  C o n t a c t

From Wanderlust, 2010...

Wanderlust is a site specific installation that describes an idiosyncratic world that draws
upon the absurd to visualize sensations of wonder and play, aiming to engage with ideas
of existence.This animated world is filled with humorous scenarios that exploit extremes
and contradictions such as humor and tragedy, perversion and pleasure, fragility and brutality,
control and letting go. By capturing traces of experiences both real and imagined Botello
crafts stories that address themes such as sexuality, identity and desire. Constructed in bright
color combinations, decorative patterns in unexpected juxtapositions Botello's sculptures are
pieced together with everyday materials such as duct tape, masking tape, cardboard and fabric.
Botello wants to expose the complex and contradictory nature of every day life