Rochelle Botello

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"Licketh The Rainbow," Pick of the Week, Artillery Magazine, January, 2014 by Eve Wood

Licketh The Rainbow
November 15 to January 5, 2013

Rainbows usually make me cringe – not that I am inherently opposed to their beauty and deeper metaphoric meaning, but in the wrong hands, they can fall so easily into triteness. Tricky little things those rainbows can be, however the artists in Jaus Gallery’s most recent exhibition, Licketh the Rainbow, transform the sometime Hallmark sentiment into a sexy and provocative visual delicacy. Highlights include Rochelle Botello’s “rainbowic” ode to her dog -- beautifully imagined and moving and Junta Egawa’s arresting paintings are tense and focused meditations on color and form with a dynamic edge as they seemingly slip back into space.